Even if you’re a human dictionary, spelling and remembering words in new languages can be a real challenge. Syllable is an intriguing word game that lets you compete with yourself by spelling words on time. Edutainment is the future of learning. Here we go!


Chloé Laisné, Concept & Development – @jagarchloe
Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg Concept & Design – @donkeydraw
Alexander Venndt Concept & Design – @avenndt

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5 kommentarer till Syllable

  1. Alexander Venndt skriver:

    Thank you! We will keep you posted!

  2. Ted Valentin skriver:

    Looks awesome. Look forward to playing around with it!

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  5. Have you looked into Duolingo by Luis von Ahn (creator of ReCaptcha). Could be useful inspiration to you.

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