Funny Animals

”Funny Animals” – a game which will make your kids smile! Guess who says ”Moo” and it will dance for you!

And it is now on the Microsoft store – Moo for Kids game on Marketplace – check it out, download and comment!

How to entertain a kid? Give him a good game!

And we have created it during the 24 hours Business Camp – an app for children to play on Windows Phone 7.

Why application for children?

Such application is a perfect toy, a great learning tool. And it is fun for kids!

Idea of our app is simple – we show the child pictures of different animals. If he touches a picture, the animal makes a sound. The child smiles, learns different animals, develops associative thinking.

The second part of the game is the opposite – we show several pictures of animals, and make a sound. Guess, which animal was that? If you do, he will dance for you! And this is time for a great laugh.

We often try to entertain and teach children in a similar way – show them pictures in the book and make noises, buy toys making funny sounds. Let’s do the same in the mobile game!

Why windows phone?

Windows Phones 7 was launched in Sweden recently. That is a new great market and opportunity. We are eager to take it and create some good apps! It is time to start creating them in Sweden!

Special thanks to the Swedish Microsoft office for helping us!


We are also crowdfunding our game at project.

We need to get as many supporters as possible in order to win the Business Camp. Then we could get an opportunity to pitch at the Internet Discovery Days at Stockholm.

Check it out and support us! Thank you if you do!

Find out more!

You can find out more about our project at our website – Apps And Kids! Or follow us on twitter – @AppsAndKids.

A video which we were shooting before the event for the project:

moo for kids - windows phone 7 app

Our team: Oleg Kosuchin, Vladislav Mickevic

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